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Interview with Bollywood producer Vivek Singhania

Vivek Singhania, producer of films like „Na Tum Jaano Na Hum“ and „Chura Liya Hai Tumne“ and consulting producer for „Namastey London“ and „Aap Kaa Surroor“, will present his new film "Karma - Crime, Passion, Reincarnation" as a Premiere at the Cannes film festival. This film is a very unusal project for a Bollywood producer, because Vivek Singhania worked not only with a complete intanational film team; there are no sing and dance scenes in the movie and the approximate length of time is just one and a half hours. BNA-Germany interviewed Vivek Singhania about this unusal film project:


BNA-Germany: Please tell us about your new film KARMA. What's so special that it's a MUST-SEE film?

Vivek Singhania: It's a very unusual production. The producers are Indians and the film was filmed in India by an Indian director but the DoP (director of photography) was Italian, the editor was Austrian, the location sound, the make-up artist and hair stylists were British, the costume designer was Croatian, the main lead actors were mostly Americans with one Indian and one German actor. This is a truly multinational production and the product is an interesting mix of different cultures and different working styles. And most importantly the film will bear a very unusual look.


BNA-Germany: The Premiere of KARMA will be in Cannes. Do you have already a German company who will distribute the film in Germany?

Vivek Singhania: We are still in the final stages of post production and the film will be ready only for the Cannes screenings. Thereafter we will look out for distributors across the world including Germany. However, interestingly we have already received some enquiries from some top film companies for worldwide distribution rights.


BNA-Germany: Are there any plan in a worldwide cinema-release for KARMA including Germany?

Vivek Singhania: Yes i do hope that the film will get a wide theatrical release across the world.


BNA-Germany: What do you like more: making Bollywood films or making such international co-productions beyond the Bollywood movies?

Vivek Singhania: Well frankly I love making bollywood films as well as films like KARMA. Having already produced some of Bollywood's biggest films, I am now seriously interested in spreading my business beyond Bollywood. And I do hope that soon we will be producing a lot of films that are enjoyed by audiences across the world.


BNA-Germany: You were also consulting producer for Himesh Reshammiya's film debut "Aap Kaa Surroor", a film which was shot in Germany. So how are the differences in working with a German team and an international team like in KARMA?

Vivek Singhania: The KARMA experience was far more enjoyable for me I must say.


BNA-Germany: Normally you're used to work with big names like Hrithik Roshan, Zayed Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Esha Deol, Himesh Reshammiya, or with editor Shirish Kunder (Farah Khan's husband). Why did you choose in Bollywood unknown actors for KARMA?

Vivek Singhania: Well actually there's one very famous Bollywood star Vijayendra Ghatge in KARMA. He also acted in DEVDAS with Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai earlier. He has been a very big star in Bollywood for years. There were no other parts in the film that called for big Bollywood names.


BNA-Germany: Are there any plans for making a new Bollywood film? If so, which film and who will be the cast.

Vivek Singhania: I am working on some projects and soon I will announce the films. They will have my favourite Bollywood stars of course.


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