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Claudia Ciesla - A German model conquests Bollywood

The 21 years old German model Claudia Ciesla from Bamberg has reached what other Bollywood fans dream of: The has got a role in an Indian film made by Bollywood producer Vivek Singhania. Although she doesn't play the leading role in "KARMA - Crime, Passion, Reincarnation" she gets nearly daily offers for further new films.


Claudia Ciesla started her carrier as a model in the age of 15. She mainly works as a photo model, but also for TV ads or as an extra for different films. The in Poland born Claudia Ciesla became popular in 2005 when the German magazine "MATADOR" published a 10-page special with topless photos of her. She doesn't regret the shooting but decided to avoid further topless shootings as she doesn't want to be peg as a nude model. Recently she has won the Austrian "Snow-Queen 2008" contest. But she's also a good singer and was one of the finalists at the "Alpen Grand Prix" in Meran. Right now Claudia Ciesla is very open regarding her professional future: be it modelling, acting or singing - she already proved her talents. Though let's see what we will hear about Claudia Ciesla in the next future!


BNA-Germany interviewed Claudia Ciesla to her impressions about India and her experience with the Indian film crew:


BNA-Germany: What can you tell us about your character in KARMA?

Claudia Ciesla: It's a film about reincarnation and I'm playing the character of Linda, a young German woman who lived 30 years ago. Linda spent some months as a hippie in India and she had has a love romance with a rich Indian. This romance had an unhappy end...and after a lot of confusions and trouble Linda finally has been murdered. Now, 30 years later Anna, the reincarnation of Linda, comes to India and has visions. Through these visions finally the murder of Linda can be found.


BNA-Germany: How did you get this role and how did the producer Vivek Singhania and the director MR Shahjahan became aware of you?

Claudia Ciesla: I'm very active in different online business networks and was in contact with the indian producer Vivek Singhania for two or three years. He asked me for more information, photos and videos about myself. Normally we should meet two years ago in Germany and I've also got the opportunity to make another film with him he shot in Germany. Unfortunately I made a journey that time. Now in KARMA the character of Linda should be played by a German. Though they looked for different models and actresses and decided that I could play Linda.


BNA-Germany: Is it your first offer as an actress or did you already played in other films and if so in which films?

Claudia Ciesla: This was my first bigger film role. I've already played in some other film-, TV and internet soaps like "Beach Baby" and "American Dreamer".


BNA-Germany: KARMA was completely shot in India. Was it your first stay in India?

Claudia Ciesla: Yes.


BNA-Germany: What's your experience regarding the work with Indians. Did you make some extra ordinary and funny experiences with the Indian film crew, the Indian culture and mentality?

Claudia Ciesla: Working with the Indian film crew was very good. All that guys were very kind, friendly, reliable and obliging. Indians are very tolerant. I couldn't say anything negative about them. Everything was fine. Regarding the Indian culture I can't say anything since most of the time we spent on the set or in our hotel. But the impressions I've got are positive: very beautiful Hindu temples, a lot of colours, a lot of different smells and good food - a little bit spicy but very good! And regarding the mentality I can say that Indians are very coltish like little children and always very funny. The funniest thing is the "head-waggling" which could mean everything. A typical scene: Question to the police since we couldn't understand his hand signals: "Can we cross the street?". Answer: head waggling which could mean "Yes", "No", "Maybe", "If you like", "It's better if no", "At your own risk" or "Of course". The traffic and the traffic rules are also very funny: there are no rules! The horn is the most important instrument of the car. Tyre pattern and breaks are unimportant, 80% of all cars don't have any lights or direction indicators and it's always allowed to overtake every time and everywhere - best in blind bends or in the mountains at serpentines - straight adrenalin! At two-lane roads they drive four-lanes and they ignore all traffic signals. That's chaos with system! Everybody takes care for each other and they are very friendly to each other. I've never seen any fights or accidents.


BNA-Germany: You are working mainly as a model for TV and magazines. What are your plans for the near future? Would you like to work in the film business as an actress?

Claudia Ciesla: I'm up for it! It's a lot of fun, but I'm realistic. Right now I'm recording my own music.


BNA-Germany: Vivek Singhania, producer of KARMA, normally makes Bollywood movies. KARMA is his first international film production. Could you imagine acting in a Bollywood film as well? And do you have already some offers?

Claudia Ciesla: Yes of course I would like it! I've talked with Vivek Singhania about this. I'm also good in singing and dancing - Salsa, Merengue, Belly Dance... That's my world. There are offers from Vivek Singhania and director Shahjahan. There are two different forthcoming projects: a Bollywood film to be shot in Goa and a action film to be shot in Thailand. Since I also know martial arts Vivek Singhania told me that it would be possible for me to fill a role. I've already got the script and I would play the role of a kick boxer. There are also some other offers and scripts, but also a lot of nonsense. Only Ganesha (Hindu god) knows what will be.


BNA-Germany: Even the German press became aware of you because of your part in KARMA. What's the international resonance so far?

Claudia Ciesla: I would say very good. I've got a lot of positive feedback. The BILD magazine (Germany's biggest yellow press) published three articles about me and the film and there are two other articles published in the international press. Regarding the film, till now there is no trailer. But we will have a trailer for Cannes. There will be the premiere of the film.


BNA-Germany: Reincarnation is the theme of KARMA. Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, as who or what would you like to reincarnate?

Claudia Ciesla: For me reincarnation is very logical and rational. I always try to think logically and I like mathematics and physics. I was always one of the bests in these subjects and also attended the polish mathematics Olympiad. Every pupil knows the principle of "actio et reactio", the so called third Newton axiom, which means that it's impossible to destroy energy. The only possible thing is that energy can change its kind of shape. Though I believe that life, spirit and soul are also some kind of energy, and this energy won't destroyed with the death of someone but it change in a new kind of energy, maybe in a new kind of life? If I would reincarnate, I would like to be me because I love my life and am very happy.


BNA-Germany: The premiere of KARMA will be in Cannes at the film festival and you will attend it. So please could you describe your feelings about it, and what do you expect?

Claudia Ciesla: Well I've already been in Cannes two times. One time I was invited by the US producer Steven Greenstein for his Cannes TV show "Hanging With The Commander". Another time I was invited by the English film makers Paul Wiffen and Peter Ramsey. I expect a nice time with many parties and with a lot of new contacts. But for sure I don't expect any new film offer! And surely there will be again all these "Wanna-Bes" and a lot of "Blowing Hot Air", and of course a big box full of new beautiful, colourful and golden business cards, meant to be disposed as soon as I come back home.



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Claudia Ciesla mit Regisseur MR Shahjahan
Claudia Ciesla mit Produzent Vivek Singhania
Claudia Ciesla als "Linda" in KARMA